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3 Month Chunk-date

Oh man! I can’t believe my little chunk is already 3 months old. They tell you it goes by fast but I guess I just didn’t think it would go by THIS fast.

My baby boy has grown so much and right before my eyes, too! From finding his hands and getting coordinated enough to bring them to his face to suck and chew on to beginning to track objects with his eyes in a fluid motion. It’s all so much and everyday it’s a new thing that he’s somehow seemed to learn overnight.

He laughs and smiles at eye contact, his own image (pictures or reflection, he doesn’t discriminate), and little sounds and hand motions.

He LOVES watching TV. Terrible, I know. I try to limit screen time by occupying the time he is awake with tummy time, playing, or cuddling but sometimes mama needs a break. Also, he hates tummy time… or really anything that involves not being held. haha

He WAS sleeping through the night until we encountered our first little run-in with this terrible thing called “teething” in which he stopped eating as much so I had to start waking him up to feed during the night so he would get enough to eat. Eh, it was good while it lasted. While he’s going through this, sleep is not a priority and we will get back on schedule onces he’s feeling better!

We’re working on his rolling over skills and he’s done it a few times, the first time being when he was only a week old. BUT he hasn’t perfected it yet and that’s okay with me!

He has TASTED ice cream, chocolate, and chicken. I say tasted because NO, we are not feeding him actual food or giving him any significant amount of these foods. Just a finger swipe to see how he reacts.

He hates teething toys. Cold ones, warm ones, rubber ones, plastic ones, even breastmilk popsicles. What does he like for his teething troubles? Mommy or Daddy’s finger, his fists, the trunk to his soft elephant rattle toy that is definitely not meant for teething at all. Oh well.

He is so independent. He doesn’t like to be cuddled or held close to you. He doesn’t lay on your shoulder or like to be cradled in your lap. He likes to be helped to sit up on his own. He likes to be held at your side so he can move and see what he wants. He likes to be sat up against you. If I try to hold him until he falls asleep, he will just stay awake and get grumpier until I eventually put him down in his crib.


So basically, He is such a GREAT baby! We love him so much and can’t wait to see him continue to grow and learn!




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