Everything You’ll Ever Need To Keep Your Milk Supply Up

One thing I am OBSESSED with is my milk supply. I mean, after all, breastfeeding is my child’s food source. Of course, fed is best but I shudder at the thought of feeding him formula just because I was too lazy to keep my supply up. I am NOT saying that is the reason ANYONE reading this will stop breastfeeding. There are many reasons your supply can drop and/or you choose to do formula and that’s OKAY! I am saying that to date, that would be the only reason I would stop breastfeeding and I want to stop that from happening at all costs.

So here are the wonderful products that I have found refuge in on my breastfeeding adventure!

1. Let There Be Milk

Now, I’m going to warn you, this stuff tastes about as good as it smells… which is not fantastic. BUT this stuff is liquid make-your-boobs-fill-up-so-fast I’m not even lying. I don’t even have to take it everyday. If I notice my supply dipping, I take about 3mL’s of this all at once to get me started and then 1mL everyday after that until my supply is back up! It does have a very strong taste but nothing a little juice won’t be able to wash down!

There’s two different kinds, the liquid form and the capsule form. I haven’t tried the capsule form yet but it may be worth a shot if you can’t take the taste of the liquid form.


I can’t stress how important it is to stay so so hydrated when breastfeeding. You need liquid to put out liquid. I drink at least 120+oz (about a gallon) of water a day. I get a 16oz water bottle and fill it up 8 times a day, usually once every hour. I’m not saying you have to go to that extent, I have always drank a gallon of water a day since basic training so I am used to it and so is my body.

But, if your supply is drying up, it may just be your water intake. Try gradually increasing until your urine (ew, I know) is only slightly yellow, remember how many ounces you drank that day to get to that point and that should be your daily goal. Of course, I am not a doctor so it’s totally okay to ask your doctor how much water you should be drinking based on your body mass!

3. OatmealBrewer’s Yeast, and Flax Seed

These 3 things should become part of your daily diet. I know I know, oatmeal for breakfast everyday doesn’t sound too appetizing. It doesn’t have to be for breakfast there are some AMAZING lactation cookies that include all 3 of these ingredients (lactation cookie recipe coming soon!).

As far as brewer’s yeast, I honestly don’t really put it anything but the lactations cookies. Some doctors have even told me to drink alcohol-free beer because of the yeast.

I put flaxseed in EVERYTHING. I cant really taste it so I just sprinkle a tablespoon or so in anything I cook. Meatloaf? flaxseed. Oatmeal? flaxseed. Grits? flaxseed. Salad? flaxseed. Mac and cheese? flaxseed. You get the picture.

4. Mother’s Milk Tea

I love this stuff. I add a little honey and it actually doesn’t taste so bad. I drink a glass every morning! Although, I would advise to gradually introduce it, it gives my baby gas if I drink more than 2 cups of it and no one wants a gassy baby. So just test it out before drinking 5 cups of it a day.

5. UpSpring Fenugreek Drink

Again, this stuff doesn’t taste *amazing* but it doesn’t taste awful. I actually mix this with 8oz of water and use it to chase the Let There Be Milk drops and it works great to do just that. This is most definitely one of the better tasting milk-supply drinks you can get and it works! I drink my 8oz glass of this drink every morning and haven’t seen a supply dip since!

Please don’t feel the need to go out and buy all these things at once. Try one at a time and try them all separate to get a feel for what works for you. That is the process for which I used to evaluate these products and they have all worked for me in raising AND maintaining my milk supply!

I hope this helps!


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