Meet Mommy

All of my life, I have been called Tessa; from my parents, to friends, to coworkers, always Tessa. Although, I will say that changed during my time in the Army in which I was referred to as “PFC Cadena” and then “PFC Lowe” after my marriage to my husband, Phillip.

Until recently, this is all I have been known as.

Tessa: Daughter, Christian, LPN, Soldier, Wife.

And that was completely fine with me as all those things are pretty great if you ask me.. until I started being referred to as something even better than all those things; Mommy.

Now I am hopelessly in love with being called “Mommy

Being a new mommy, I’m a little lost, a little confused, a little hungry, and a lot tired but that’s okay. I wouldn’t want anything short of this for my life right now.

Join me to learn from my successes and laugh at my failures!