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Meet The Chunk

On the 11th of May, I came in for my weekly anatomy scan and check up at 38 weeks 5 days pregnant. It was there that they told me that my sweet Winston was predicted to be about 12 pounds and not only that but   my blood pressure was too high and I was going to need to be admitted.

Having joked my whole pregnancy about “giving birth to a whole football player” since I was born at 11 pounds, I was a little sick to my stomach with the thought that he could actually be 12 pounds. Now all the people recently asking me if I was having twins started to make sense haha.

I had read so many stories about moms who were told that their babies were going to be big but the baby actually coming out small so I was stubbornly hopeful.

Upon admission and after quite a few lab tests, I was told that my labs came back abnormal and we were going to need have Winston a little early. By then, it was already 2am, it had been a long day and I was exhausted from all of the emotions of this news. I agreed to do an emergency C-section the first thing the next morning.

Once I came to peace with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to have my natural birth like I had wanted, I was happy I would soon have my Winston in my arms.

Of course, it did not go this way.

The next morning, I called my parents and they prayed with me and my husband for a safe delivery and at around 09:40am, I was taken down to the OR to have my baby.

Winston was born on May 12th, 2018 at  10:15am. He weighed 12 pounds, 2 ounces and measured at 23 inches long. a whole football player. But unfortunately, his blood sugars were too high and his oxygen levels kept dipping down too low so they let me kiss him and then took him to the NICU to be treated.

After they stitched and stapled me back together, I was taken back to my room to get a 24-hour round of Magnesium sulfate to try and lower my blood pressure. This meant that I would not be allowed to leave my room for 24-hours. I wasn’t allowed to see my Winston for 24 hours.


24 hours


The next day, I would’ve been pacing the room if I could walk. 26 hours after my Winston was born, I finally got to hold him. Thank you Lord. Those were the longest 26 hours of my life but now my sweet boy was in my arms.

We spent 4 days in the hospital for Winston and I to both get discharged and then we were able to finally come home. Now, Winston is 2 months old, 15 pounds, and happy as ever. He smiles every day and sleeps 10-12 hours at night (more on that later).

He’s such a good baby and he was worth all the trouble and more, I love being his Mommy.

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