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The Chunk’s Not Feeling Well

All of my life I’ve been obsessed with documenting everything. Keeping track of dates, times, anniversaries, etc. Making sure that when I’m old and grey, I can remember it all again. There was no exception made when I had Winston. I document everything from his firsts to his everyday eating, sleeping and diapering.

About 5 days ago, I started to notice a trend with his feedings. They were going from 15-20 minutes at each feed down to 8-10 minutes and kept reducing until he was at 6 minutes tops. Everyone kept telling me that he was just going through a developmental leap and that it’d be over in a week. I tried to hold off and wait it out but it came to the night, we had him on his changing table before bath time and my husband felt his head and relayed to me that the fontanel on top of his head was sunken in. Us both being nurses, we knew this was a sign of dehydration in babies.

We got dressed and took him into the emergency room. The first doctor said he looked fine and wanted to send us home, the second doctor did not agree based on the fact that he had lost weight since his last check up 5 days prior. With the second doctor, we all decided it was best to admit Winston to a room in the hospital and watch him over night. If he did not make a wet diaper by midnight, he was to receive fluids to re-hydrate him.

Instead of letting him sleep through the night like I usually would, I woke him up every 3 hours to feed him in hopes he would get the fluids he needed.

He did not make a wet diaper by midnight and did end up receiving IV fluids. By the morning, he had made 2 wet diapers and gained the weight he had lost with a little bit of excess. We were discharged that day with instructions to feed him frequently even if he was not hungry and given a follow up the next week.

I’m so happy my little chunk is feeling better and glad we stuck to our instincts even when everyone was saying it was normal. Trust your gut, especially with your kids. Even if its nothing, I would’ve rather spent the 3 hours in the ER for the doctor to tell me it was nothing than not have went in and it end up being something serious.

And in the end, it did end up being something that needed to be fixed before his hydration status effected his kidneys. Even if he was going through a developmental leap and that’s why he wasn’t eating as much. I’m 100% happy we did take him in and now my little chunk is back to normal and feeding as he should be!

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