What I Wish I Knew Before Preparing for Baby

I remember when I took that pregnancy test (well, those 27 pregnancy tests… just to make sure), I was so excited and I immediately wanted to start preparing for this new baby. I wanted to stock up, prepare, make lists, complete those lists, and so on.

Everyone tells you to get ready, stock up, enjoy your time, blah blah blah. When the word is out that you’re pregnant, all the good meaning people in your life will have tons and tons of advice that you will easily forget and never return to because by the time baby gets here, you get settled, and you both get used to each other, you’ll have learned your own techniques and practices that fit YOUR baby.

So here’s some advice for BEFORE the baby gets here, something to keep in mind while preparing for your sweet bundle of joy.

Baby soap lasts a looonnnggg time.

Upon finding out I was pregnant, I took the liberty of stocking up on plenty of baby soap. Of course, being a future mommy that read every single thing on the internet about baby products, I opted for Dove baby soap which you can find here. (And see below why I chose Dove.)

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath: Is it REALLY Safe?

While stocking up on baby soap is generally not a bad idea, as you can use this stuff on your kiddo (and future kiddos) for years BUT I would’ve liked to know that my first SMALL bottle of the stuff would not even be 2/3 of the way gone by after 2 months. Even though I use 4-5 pumps of it every night at bath time since his umbilical cord fell off. I def wouldn’t have bought 28 bottles of it. I’m definitely not complaining about how long the soap lasts, just about my lack of knowledge of its power haha.

Your Baby May be TOO BIG For the Diapers You’re Buying.

Okay, I realize this may just be my problem but I’ll put it out there anyways. My Winston was born at 12 pounds, 2 ounces and we had about 5 BIG boxes of newborn diapers that Winston was NEVER going to squeeze into. In fact, the boy was in size 2 diapers by 6 weeks old. I seriously wish I hadn’t been so set on making sure I had all I “needed” and had waited until I had an idea of how big he was gonna be.

If you’re gonna stock up on diapers, just try to get started on your stash while you’re pregnant because even if your baby is normal size, you never know how many diapers you’ll actually need in each size. These are perfect size boxes to get you started on your stash without buying too many.

And just to piggyback on that, be careful of the amount of newborn onesies you buy also. Winston had a whole drawer full of newborn and 0-3 month onesies that went right into a storage container when he got home from the hospital.

You Will Use The Baby Caps and Hats For all of Two Days.

Or at least I did. The hats always slipped off his head, he hated when we messed with his head at all, and when it is 2am, I’m more likely to just turn the air up than to try putting a hat back on a newborn that I just got back to sleep. After the first day, I forget these tiny baby caps even existed and resolved to just keep my house a little warmer and my baby a little more bundled up.

Swaddles. Swaddles. Swaddles.

When we brought Winston home from the hospital, I gave up on swaddling him with the blankets. I mean, granted the little dude was the size of a 3 month old but I think everyone would like to avoid trying to burrito your newborn, screaming baby into a blanket.

But the more and more I read about getting my baby to sleep good (Which, by the way, see below for how I got my baby to sleep 12 hours at night before he was 12 weeks old), the more I realized I needed to get a better take on swaddling.

Sleep Training- How I Got My Baby to Sleep 12 Hours by 12 Weeks Old.

Someone introduced me to these and boy, are these the answer to your unspoken swaddle prayers. Like a little heavenly baby straight jacket that folds up around your baby in 3 seconds. And these handy things even have a nice hole in the back of the swaddle so you can use it while your baby is in a car seat! Stock up on these in all sizes, the more the merrier. Just like onesies, baby may spit up, drool or poop on these so keeping quite a few on hand has proved quite useful to me!

I hope these tips helps you survive the first couple week of having that sweet bundle of joy at home!



  • Angelle

    I like that your list is short and sweet, and virtually, complete. Babies do need several swaddles, less of those baby caps, some packs of diapers may not fit correctly, most onesies may be too small, and baby soap goes a long way.

  • Jules

    Gurl, I thought my 9 pounder was big!!! And I couldn’t agree more that stock piling on diapers without knowing how big your baby is ends up a disaster.

    Awesome post on the realness we forget about that first few months of our newborn and how crazy and silly we get about buying stuff.


  • Chelsae

    The baby soap! Oh my gosh, I have so much because it lasts for so long! And to go along with that I have way too many swaddles! But people stocks us up on diapers! Olivia is a year old and we have never had to buy a box and not even go and exchange them. Somehow we got lucky and had all the right amount in each size.

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